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Indian enterprises go whole hog on Cloud adoption
By IANS | Bharat Defence Kavach | Publish Date: 10/18/2019 12:32:09 PM
Indian enterprises go whole hog on Cloud adoption

New Delhi: India has started to see significant Cloud adoption by the enterprises, including small and medium businesses (SMBs), and three things are on top of their minds while looking for a Cloud vendor: Cost, security and scalability/agility.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), while improving IT security and increasing business agility remain among the top expected benefits of Cloud by Indian enterprises, the challenges related to costs and complexities with infrastructure cannot be ignored.India spending on Public Cloud services and infrastructure is forecasted to reach $2.9 billion in 2019 -- an increase of 34.5 per cent.

"Enterprises in India are realizing the true cloud potential and are including emerging technologies like AI, IoT, Analytics and Blockchain in their portfolio, this anticipated journey towards the value added services are all driven out of the cloud" said Ashutosh Bisht, Senior Research Manager, Customer Insights and Analysis group, IDC.India ranks among the nine countries whose growth rate will be higher than the global average growth rate in Public cloud adoption.

Most Indian businesses are looking to adopt Hybrid Cloud -- a computing environment that uses a mix of on-premise, private Cloud and third-party public Cloud services, with orchestration between the two platforms.However, the new trend is emerging where firms aim to hire multiple Cloud vendors for various workloads."Enterprises are adopting to the multi-cloud management capability; the challenge lies in managing and moving workloads seamlessly across multiple cloud platforms," said Bisht.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is by far the dominant Cloud-delivered service in the region, capturing 61 per cent of the overall public cloud spending in 2018.SaaS is perhaps a decade-old market in India and initially catered to overseas clients before Indian enterprises realised the need to adopt Cloud-based services. Here, Oracle has the entire suite of SaaS solutions, starting from traditional ERP to Fusion ERP till HCM and CRM applications.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the second biggest product category in spending on cloud, with a 32.9 per cent share followed by Platform as a service (PaaS) with 6.1 share in 2018.According to the Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Cloud arm of retail giant Amazon, India has just started to see a significant Cloud adoption by the enterprises.The company launched AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region with two availability zones in 2016 and has seen stupendous growth in adding new customers in the region.

"Over the last few years, we have brought an ever-expanding set of capabilities to our customers in India across industries - enterprises, governments and start-ups."In areas like Machine Learning (ML), data analytics, edge computing, services and so on, there's still so much to do and we are right on it. There are still so many new opportunities for us to help organisations leverage the power of AWS Cloud," Ed Lenta, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, AWS, recently told.

Microsoft which has a significant Azure Cloud presence in India estimates that the move to digital is a massive $100 billion plus opportunity in India.Nearly 88 per cent business leaders from India, polled in the recent Microsoft's "Asia Digital Transformation Study", acknowledge that Cloud technology is a critical enabler that will fuel their digital transformation.

When it comes to delivering intelligent Cloud experience, robust artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solutions are going to decide who is better equipped to provide enterprises with extended capabilities, according to a key IBM executive.IBM Watson is an intelligent cognitive system. With it, people can analyse and interpret data, including unstructured text, images, audio and video, and develop personalised solutions.

According to a latest Nasscom report, growing adoption of Big Data analytics, AI/ML and Internet of Things (IoT) is likely to push Cloud market in India to reach $7.1 billion by 2022.Among 63 million Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), new IT spend is giving Cloud a big push - leaving ley vendors a large ground to cover by hiring more teams to sell their Cloud strategy.




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