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CBI probe into police postings racket can spell more trouble for Uddhav-Deshmukh
By Anand Singh | Bharat Defence Kavach | Publish Date: 3/23/2021 4:34:02 PM
CBI probe into police postings racket can spell more trouble for Uddhav-Deshmukh

Mumbai: Months before the case of suspended encounter specialist Sachin Vaze came to the fore, the State Intelligence Department (SID) of the Maharashtra government had red flagged the transfers of the police officers in the month of August last year, and had also said that it must be brought to the notice of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray immediately, sources said on Tuesday.The SID also demanded a probe against such people involved in the transfer racket by the Crime Investigation Department (CID).

According to the SID report, which was sent on August 25 last year to S.K. Jaiswal, the former Director General of Police (DGP) for Maharashtra Police, the report highlighted the transfers of police officers.The letter by the SID, which has been viewed by IANS, said, "A report has been received by SID on August 25, with regard to transfers of police officers. It is a serious matter and necessitates urgent action by the state government."

It further said that the issue must be brought to the notice of the Chief Minister at the earliest and an immediate and comprehensive inquiry be ordered by the State CID (Crime) Pune, to identify concerned individuals and take necessary action.

In the report, the SID also highlighted the role of the brokers with inclination towards the political parties who were engaged in arranging desired postings for police officers in exchange for massive monetary compensation.The letter addressed to the Maharashtra Police DGP also submitted that the phones of several individuals were put on surveillance with "due regard to the established process" to curtail the commitment of criminal offence and prevent the possible breach.

It further said that upon the review of the gathered that, it is clear that there is significant merit in these allegations as it has been discovered that aforementioned brokers are in close contact and embroiled in these negotiations with several influential.

It also highlighted that the police officers ranging from Inspectors to several high-ranking IPS officers were in contact with such undesirable individuals.It also cited the result of the surveillance records and said that the evidence gathered is highly incriminating and gravely implicated a number of individuals engaged in this activity.

The report further said that Banda Nawaj Maner, who was arrested along with six other persons in 2017 in connection with a Mumbai Police case, is found to be active again. The Mumbai Police has filed a charge sheet in the court and trial is pending in the court against Maner.

The letter from SID also demanded a high level inquiry and strict measures against all stakeholders engaging in this activity and further recommended that the matter be brought into the notice of the Chief Minister as this casts sincere aspersions against the credibility and functioning of the government.


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