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5 acre land becomes bone of contention between Navy and Army
By IANS | Bharat Defence Kavach | Publish Date: 8/24/2012 12:00:00 AM

New Delhi: A piece of land close to South Block in Delhi which houses the Ministry of Defence,  has become bone of contention between the Navy and the Army. The latest fight between the two services has erupted over 5 acres of land  alltoted by the government for Naval headquarters in Delhi this week.

According to sources, the Navy had a long standing demand to build its headquarters in Delhi. The army has its HQ in Sena Bhavan and the Air Force has its in Vayu Bhavan. Both these buildings are just a stone''s throw away from the Ministry of Defence in South Block. The Navy also wanted to have its HQ in Delhi and had been demanding for land for this purpose.

This proposal was under active consideration of the ministry and the MoD this week, in consultation with the ministry of Urban Development , cleared the proposal and allotted to the Navy around 5 acres of land of the CSD canteen next to the DRDO Bhavan and opposite the Sena Bhavan.

In fact, the land in question belongs to the Ministry of Urban Development but had been occupied by the services for running CSD canteen. Earlier, the land where the DRDO HQ stands today was earmarked for Naval HQ but the government that time allotted the land to DRDO.

Sources told BDK that immediately after the decision to this effect was taken by the government, the Army threw spanner into the works and objected to the allotment on a feeble plea that removing the CSD facility would create great inconvenience to a large number of service personnel who are benefited by the CSD facility. This land is also being used for parking cars of the army officers of the Sena Bhavan and a large number of ex-service personnel who visit the CSD canteen also park their vehicles there.

“Another important factor behind allotting this land to the Navy is that the Navy, in the absence of its own HQ in Delhi, occupies over one hundred thousand square feet of space in the Army HQ i.e. the Sena Bhavan. When the Navy builds its own HQ and vacates Sena Bhavan, additional space will be available to the Army for use. Strategically also it is important that the Army, Navy and Air Force should have their HQs in close proximity. This will help evolving better synergy among the services to counter threats to the nation,” told an official.

“It is quite unfair that the Army who owns over 8600 acres of land is behaving like this, knowing fully well, that the scheme to build a Naval HQ is more important than parking vehicles and running a CSD facility,” told the source.

The Ministry of Urban Development is also of the view that the land in Delhi should be judiciously used by the services.


5 acre land becomes bone of contention between Navy and Army


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