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Keep pace with the changing EW technology: A.M. Jagdish Chandra
By IANS | Bharat Defence Kavach | Publish Date: 9/17/2012 12:00:00 AM

Nagpur: An Electronic Warfare (EW) workshop of key participant of IAF and the civil industry along with Defence PSUs’ began today at the Headquarters Maintenance Command at Nagpur . The two day long workshop is being attended by the IAF personnel of EW formations, participants of the Defence Public Sector undertakings (DPSUs) as well as the civil industries providing services and involved in manufacture of equipment / sub assemblies in the field of EW.

Electronic warfare is the effective use of the electromagnetic Spectrum or the range of Radio waves with different frequencies for advantage of our own forces. It also involves denying the enemy of its effective use.

In electronic warfare the radio waves are used effectively in equipments such as the radars, communication equipments, weapon guidance, surveillance, navigation, jammers etc. In today’s military scenario EW is a major battle winning factor.

Inaugurating the workshop, Air Marshal Jagdish Chandra, Air Officer Commanding-in- Chief of the Maintenance Command said, “We are dependent on the electromagnetic spectrum in our day to day lives and our professional (Military) lives. Be it our cell phones or an high-end electronic warfare equipment, ‘reliable utility’ is the key.

We can win the wars only by being a superior authority in the use of the Spectrum”. Air Marshal J. Chandra addressing the representatives of the industry further said, “The life of the EW products and equipments is ever shrinking. It becomes obsolete in about 10 years. The equipment manufacturers should suggest for upgrades every five years and cater for the improvements in the original product itself. This also will keep the IAF a potent force and being cost effective at the same time & generates business for our industry.”

The workshop is being held under the aegis of the Senior Maintenance Staff Officers Branch headed by Air Mshl S Sriram and under the guidance and coordination of Air Vice Marshal DK Pande.

The aim of the workshop is to share views, ideas and expertise with the sole objective of exploring the possible indigenous solutions for critical EW assets. The workshop will also expose the operator i.e. the IAF to the production perspective and product support of the defence public sector undertakings and the civil EW Industry.

An exhibition of the EW equipment by the DPSUs and the industry representative is also being held at the workshop.

Air Vice Marshal DK Pande, the Air Officer Engineering Services in his welcome address said, “In last 80 years we have come a long way from Wapitis to SU 30s, from land line communication to high end fiber optics and Satellite communications, and also to sophisticated radars and missile systems. The improvements of our air and land systems are continuing at a rapid pace.

In all this, the Electronic Warfare has added to the fourth dimension and cyber warfare being the fifth. These new dimensions have not only become the force multipliers but are indeed ‘mission critical’ in a modern day war. The workshop needs to address all the challenges of Electronic Warfare from concept to deployment.”

The workshop is being attended by Senior Scientists and management representatives from Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Bharat Electronics LTD (BEL), M/S Astra Microwaves, FLIC Microwaves, M/S Amphenal LTD and M/S SASMOS LTD.


Keep pace with the changing EW technology: A.M. Jagdish Chandra


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