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Satisfaction with Modi government highest since Balakot
By IANS | Bharat Defence Kavach | Publish Date: 6/10/2019 11:58:28 AM
Satisfaction with Modi government highest since Balakot

New Delhi: The satisfaction level with the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has touched its highest levels since the Balakot air strikes of February 26 this year.An IANS-CVoter Poll dated May 31 shows that 48.87 per cent of the respondents were "very much satisfied" with the Central government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The same poll shows that 25.74 per cent of those polled were "satisfied to some extent" while 18.17 per cent were "not at all satisfied" with the BJP government.Compare this with the IANS-CVoter tracker against the backdrop of the Balakot air strikes which dramatically changed the discourse of the general elections and turned the tide emphatically in favour of the BJP.

From a nationwide satisfaction level of nearly 40 per cent earlier, the Balakot air strike gave an emphatic push to Modi's approval numbers.The IANS-CVoter tracker showed how the satisfaction level rose sharply from around February 26 -- it was 43.55 per cent on February 25, 43.73 per cent on February 26, 45.05 per cent on February 27, 46.10 per cent on February 28, and then to 50.67 per cent on March 5, 51.55 per cent on March 6 and 51.32 per cent on March 7.

While nationwide approval for Modi has remained consistently high since then, it has touched new highs now.The latest IANS-CVoter poll for May 31 shows some interesting details -- satisfaction levels with the Modi government are among the highest in opposition-ruled states where the BJP did well in the recent Lok Sabha polls.For instance, it was 66.40 per cent in Congress-ruled Rajasthan, 64.39 per cent in BJD-ruled Odisha, and 65.10 per cent in Congress-ruled Madhya Pradesh.

The satisfaction level with Modi in percentage terms has been consistently in the upper 40s for a while and has been reaching new highs since the declaration of the Lok Sabha results on May 23.On May 23, the all-India figure for satisfaction level with the Modi government touched 46.40 per cent, on May 24 it was 47.45 per cent, on May 25 it was 47.72 per cent, on May 26 it was 48.71 per cent, on May 27 it was 49.10 per cent, on May 28 it was 49.32 per cent, on May 29 it was 48.92 per cent, on May 30 it was 49.59 per cent and on May 31 it was 48.87 per cent.



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