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DRDO Lab. finds cure for Leucoderma
By IANS | Bharat Defence Kavach | Publish Date: 9/17/2011 12:00:00 AM

New Delhi: A defence laboratory of the DRDO has developed a herbal medicine Lukeskin to cure Leucoderma/ Vitiligo, a skin colour disfiguring ailment. Leucoderma or vitiligo is an idiopathic acquired disorder of skin. Patients with vitiligo develop white spots in the skin with varying size and location.

The product will be a boon for the patients of Leucoderma and is backed by extensive R&D work by the scientists of Defence Institute of Bio-Energy Research (DIBER) (formerly Defence Agricultural Research Laboratory), Haldwani.

The developed product was launched by the distinguished defence scientist & Chief Controller, Research & Development (Life Science & International Cooperation) Dr.W.Selvamurthy in New Delhi on 7 September 2011 at DRDO Bhavan.

DRDO spokes person Ravi Kumar Gupta told, “DIBER, a DRDO laboratory has carried out extensive work in the area of medicinal plant and is also engaged in R&D in generating bio-energy solutions for energy security. The product, Lukoskin, was developed under the leadership of Dr Narender Kumar, Ex Director DARL and his team. Special efforts in the development of this herbal product were made by Dr. P.S. Rawat, ex Head, Herbal Medicine Division and Dr. H.K. Pandey, Scientist presently heading Phyto-Chemistry Division at Pithoragarh.”

The herbal product will be available in the form of ointment and oral liquid. Dr. Zakwan Ahmed, Director - DIBER, Haldwani and Dr G llavazhagan, Director - Life Sciences have pursued the case to bring the product into the market and render much needed service to mankind.

“This herbal product would be a new hope and boon to the vitiligo affected person. Under the leadership and guidance of Dr. W. Selvamurthy, the ''Transfer of Technology'' has been granted to the AIMIL Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd., New Delhi to manufacture and market this research product based on their technological and marketing credentials”, said Dr.Ahmed.

This skin disorder is considered as a social stigma in India and people confuse it with leprosy. The affected individuals remain in constant depression with the feeling of being socially outcast. There are many existing remedies of this disorder viz., allopathic, surgical and adjunctive. None of these therapies satisfactorily cure of this disease. Secondly, these are either costly or single component based, with very low level of efficacy and develop blister, edema, irritation in the skin, as a result most of the patients discontinue the treatment.

The scientists of DIBER (DRDO) have, therefore, focused on the causes of disease (aetiology) and researched out a comprehensive formulation for the management of leucoderma from Himalayan herbs. Exhaustive scientific studies led to the establishment of the safety and efficiency of the product which extends the benefits on all fronts with very good efficiency.

Clinically, the product is quite effective and helps not only in restoring the normal complexion in the affected area but also relieves the patients from mental stress, emotional and psychological trauma. The treatment helps enhancing the confidence and efficiency of the sufferer.

At the product launching ceremony those who were present include, Dr. Narender Kumar, Dr. Zakwan Ahmed, Dr. G llavazhagan, Mr. KK Sharma, Managing Director, AIMIL Pharmaceuticals and senior officials of DRDO and AIMIL Pharmaceuticals.


DRDO Lab. finds cure for Leucoderma


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