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RM constitutes revised Review Committee on critical capital projects
By Sushil Sharma | Bharat Defence Kavach | Publish Date: 7/31/2018 4:26:36 PM
RM constitutes revised  Review Committee on critical capital projects

New Delhi: Perturbed by delays in completion of various critical designs and development, R&D and other capital projects by DRDO and Defence PSUs, the defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman last week  set up an eleven member review committee on capital projects. The same committee with 13 members was constituted in February this year but was put on hold for unknown reasons.This time 2 of the earlier 13 member committee are no more members but are given the status of special invitees. 

Members of the committee are- Vinay Sheel Oberoi (Chairman), former secretary, department of Higher Education, Dr. R.K. Tyagi, former Chairman, HAL, Sanhita Kar, IDAS (Retd.), former  PCDA, Factories Accounts, R.K.Jain, former member, OFB, M.H.Rehman, former DG (TM&HR)/DRDO, Rear Admiral Sudhir Pillai, former FONA, Maj.General R.K. Saiwal, Former ADG (C&A)/MGO Branch, AVM G. Raveendranath, Former TM(Air), Former ADG (C&A)/MGO branch; AVM G Raveendranath (Retd), Former TM (Air); and the serving representatives, ACIDS (PP&FS), HQ IDS; Rep of DDP (JS Rank or Above); and Brig/Col Equivalent from HQ IDS – Member Secretary.The two special invitees are-R. Anand, Special Advisor E&Y LLP and Amber Dubey, Partner Head, Aerospace & Defence, KPMG.

According to sources, the committee will undertake independent review and status check of identified ongoing critical capital projects above Rs. 500 crores including Mission Mode projects, Make projects,  Buy (Indian), Buy (Indian-IDDM), Buy and Make (Indian), Design and Development projects of the defence ministry. It will assess the physical and financial progress of these projects with reference to the accord of AoN, CFA or contract.

The committee will have tenure till end of February 2019 (unless otherwise ordered) and will present the initial status report on the identified projects to the defence minister by 31st August 2018. The committee is asked to make a presentation to the defence minister on the salient findings and recommendations of the report.

The monitoring committee will also submit a follow up Corrective Action Taken reports by 30th October 2018 and 31st January 2019 based on the decisions on the status report.  The ministry has asked the committee to suggest modern management concepts that can be leveraged to reduce delays and suggest actionable measures to improve the capital acquisition process and procedures. 

Under the terms of reference, the monitoring committee will also identify specific bottlenecks and concerns that are responsible for delays, wherever applicable and suggest the way forward.





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