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CONTROP Delivers Extraordinary Visibility with SPEED-ER
By BDK Bureau | Bharat Defence Kavach | Publish Date: 2/18/2017 3:51:14 PM
CONTROP Delivers Extraordinary Visibility with SPEED-ER

 - First-of-its-Kind Land-Based, Ultra-Long-Range Observation System 

- Unmatched for coastal and border surveillance missions, SPEED-ER’s Visible, 
- Thermal & SWIR Channels provide a sharp and clear image in all weather and environmental  conditions
Bangaluru: Israeli company CONTROP displayed SPEED-ER at AERO INDIA , delivering extraordinary visibility with its first-of-its-kind superb gyro-stabilized, land-based, ultra-long-range observation system.Recently introduced, SPEED-ER’s 3 channels – Visible, Thermal and SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared) – ensure sharp, clear and stabilized pictures. The SWIR provides outstanding images, even in conditions of haze, dust, rain or high humidity, and at any hour of the day or night. This capability makes SPEED-ER unique in the industry, and ideal for diverse and challenging applications and missions including coastal and border surveillance. 
According to CONTROP's spokesperson, “We developed SPEED-ER as an answer to the acute problem of unclear pictures under limited visibility conditions such as during day time with high humidity or dust and smoke, and during twilight hours, when year-round and round-the-clock surveillance is the highest priority. SPEED-ER is the ultimate solution for programs that require exceptionally long-range surveillance of dozens of kilometers, under all weather conditions and at all hours of the day.  In fact, due to this particularly long range capability, fewer posts are required to protect a very large area, making this system even more cost-effective.” 
SPEED-ER is a multi-sensor system, consisting of a Cooled InfraRed Thermal Imaging Camera (MWIR) with a continuous zoom lens, a SWIR Camera with a continuous optical zoom lens, and 2 color Day Cameras, one for Wide to medium Field-of-View (WFOV) and one for Narrow to super narrow Field-of-View (NFOV). The System also includes LRF, LP, and a Command and Control Unit. Though initially designed for diversified land-based applications such as border surveillance and coastline protection, SPEED-ER is also ideal for Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and Air Defense – and the advanced gyro-stabilization allows installation on high masts, poles and fixed/mobile towers. 
CONTROP Highlights High-Definition EO/IR Capabilities for Helicopters
Bangaluru: CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd (CONTROP) along with its Indian strategic partner Defsys Solutions Pvt Ltd (Defsys) demonstrated at Aero India 2017 its operating QUAD-HD – High Definition Lightweight Multi-Sensor Payload. The CONTROP systemshave already been installed worldwide on various types of helicopters including the KAMOV KA-226 and Mi-17 among others. The HD versionsare certified and are available for purchase.
The QUAD-HD is a compact Day/Night observation system especially configured for UAVs, light aircraft and helicopters. Easily integrated onto a wide variety of carrying platforms, it is suitable for most airborne and maritime requirements.
At only 21.5kg, the QUAD-HD incorporates a 250mm focal length Thermal Imaging camera with a continuous optical zoom x37.5 lens, a high sensitivity color HD day camera withax50 continuous zoom lens, and an optional eyesafe laser range finder, optional laser illuminator and optional laser pointer. 
Features include a wide range of communication interfaces, operation by a ruggedized Control Unit (CU), built-in Image Enhancement and local AGC capabilities and customized graphics superimposed on video.

About CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd:
CONTROP specializes in the development and production of Electro-Optical and Precision Motion Control Systems. The company’s specialists have over 35 years of experience in EO / IR products for Surveillance, Defense and Homeland Security. CONTROP’s main product lines include: Automatic passive Intruder Detection Systems for airport perimeter surveillance, coastal surveillance, port and harbor security, border surveillance, the security of sensitive sites and ground troops security; High performance Stabilized Observation Payloads used for day and night surveillance on board UAVs, small UAVs and aerostats/balloons, helicopters, light aircraft, maritime patrol boats and ground vehicles; Thermal Imaging Cameras with high performance continuous Zoom Lens and state-of-the-art image enhancement features, and more. CONTROP’s products are in daily operational use in many of the most critical surveillance, homeland security and defense programs worldwide.

CONTROP Displayed the Entire STAMP Family of EO/IR Payloads For UAS
CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd (CONTROP) along with its Indian strategic partner Defsys Solutions Pvt Ltd (Defsys)will have displayed at Aero India 2017 the complete STAMP family of Payloads. The STAMP is a family of gyro-STAbilizedMiniature Payloads,which wereespecially designed for day and night tactical over-the-hill reconnaissance missions.
Lightweight yet ruggedized, the STAMPs provide precise geolocation and can withstand high-shock landings. With low power consumption, the STAMPs incorporate only one LRU and provide the most cost-effective solution of its type for small manned and unmanned systems. Ideal for small UAS (Unmanned Aerial System), VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) Systems and aircraft, the STAMP is operational in dozens of locations around the world.
The STAMP Family includes the super lightweight newcomer- MICRO-STAMP – a 300 gram gyro-stabilized payload that provides a dual(2) FOV Uncooled IR camera and a Day Camera with a Continuous Zoom Lens; the M-STAMP 1.3 kg gyro-stabilized Multi Sensor Payload with an Uncooled IR Camera with a Continuous Optical Zoom Lens, a Day Camera  and a Laser Pointer; and the TR-STAMP, a triple sensor gyro-stabilized EO/IR payload which includes a Cooled IR Camera with a Continuous Zoom Lens, a Day Camera and a Laser Rangefinder all in a compact and versatile 6.3 kgpayload.
About Defsys Solution Pvt Ltd:
CONTROP has a strategic partnership with Defsys Solutions Pvt Ltd (Defsys) for manufacturing its entire range of products in India under the ambit of “Make in India”. Defsys is a registered Indian company, engaged in providing end-to-end solutions to its niche customers. It has expertise in design, development and manufacturing of electro-optical sensors/payloads, military electronics, simulators, electronics test equipment and complex electronic integrated RF systems.
It has successfully executed a number of projects in the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, various DRDO laboratories, HAL and many foreign OEMs. It has all the necessary licenses and quality certifications for manufacturing such products in their 45000 square feet facility in Gurgaon which also has a Class 10000 clean room. Some of the products from CONTROP are already being manufactured by Defsys and delivered to the Indian Army. Defsys is fully capable to meet the requirements of indigenized content in CONTROP products in all categories of procurement under the DPP-2016. 




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