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October 25, 2016
  • BEL to showcase electronic systems of forces
  • Jan 31 2014 1:10PM
  • by BDK Bureau
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  • New Delhi: Public sector defence manufacturing giant, Bharat Electronic Limited (BEL) will showcase its prowess in research and development of indegenious products and systems at the forthcoming DEFEXPO 2014.

    The four -day DEFEXPO a biennial Land, Naval and Internal Security Systems Exhibition opens here on February 6, 2014. BEL, a Navratna company under the Ministry of Defence, had a turnover of Rs 6,103.81 crore in the last fiscal ending March 31, 2013. It will be displaying its latest range of products and systems, developed in-house and jointly with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). This will include radars, avionics of fighter jets, electronic systems for warships and secure radios.

    In the past few years the focus of the Indian Armed forces have shifted to have network centric capability and the BEL, established in 1954,  is involved with the Navy, Indian Air Force and Army, providing systems for seamless communication, data, voice and pictures  in real time.

    Krishna KS, Senior Deputy General Manager, Corporate Communication, BEL, says “BEL’s display will also include key elements developed for use in various C4I systems catering to all the 3 Services”.

    This will include computing elements in various forms, right from wrist-wearable computers, hand-held computers and Tablet PC’s to rugged laptop; communication equipment such as Software Defined Radio with different variants, Advanced Interoperability Communication System, High frequency and Point to Multi Point Radio Relays, besides encryptors such as IP encryptor and Bulk Encryptor, Multi Network Connectivity Device and Futuristic Commando System solution.

    Network Centric Warfare (NCW) solutions for the Indian Navy will include Combat Management System, which automates tactical data from the ship’s sensors to provide decision support to the ship’s Command. The Composite Communication System, an IP-based New-Generation voice, data and video integrated system, will also be on show. The software for all these solutions, too, has been developed in-house. The BEL systems are now installed on leading warships like the 5,800 tonne stealth frigate INS Shivalik class.

    The company said its thrust is on development of new technology modules which will be on show at the exhibition: Microwave Power Modules and TR Modules for use in radars, MEMs-based products for use in sonars and microwave components used in air-borne EW systems.

    BEL radars will form a key display at DEFEXPO and this will include surveillance radar segment like the 3D Central Acquisition Radar, 2D Bharani Radar, 3D Aslesha Radar and Battlefield Surveillance Radar-Extended Range (BFSR-XR) and Identification Friend or Foe (IFF MK XII) along with Advanced Tactical Display and EMP Shelter.

    Electronic Warfare and Avionics segment of BEL display will be an impressive display of the Radar Finger Printing Systems (RFPS), avionics components for Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), Digital Flight Control Computer and other cockpit modules. Also on display will be the latest range of laser technology based products, night vision products based on latest generation Image intensifier tubes and Thermal Imaging technologies, Holographic Weapon Sight and batteries.

    Why seamless connectivity is important:

    The Indian Army and the Indian Air Force – that have to work together in an attack scenario --  have transformed into forces that are aided by  high-end technology. This is to ramp up the speed and accuracy of striking capabilities helped by seamless integration with attack choppers and fighter jets of the IAF with land forces --  the infantry, artillery and Armoured Corps.

    The BEL systems come into play as soldiers  will be totally networked and fully backed by real-time intelligence inputs provided by over-flying UAV’s, geostationary satellites, ground-based sensors and human intelligence.

    All these inputs will be collated and disseminated to tanks, aircraft etc. Commanders on the field and generals sitting in war rooms will be seeing the same live pictures as the entire battlefield is connected in a seamless fashion. The data will be beamed across laptops using a mix of satellites and radio communication. All this will have a very high encryption levels and will be very secure so as to prevent snooping.

    In the Navy, the BEL has now built what is the nerve centre of the Shivalik-class warships. Called the ATM-based Integrated Services Digital Network (AISDN), this is the backbone network that collates all electronic information from sensors, radars, weaponary, navigation devices, weapons  to from a common data base, transmitted in real time to commanders on multi-function display systems. BEL has also installed chain of 46 shore based radars part of the coastal security network established after the November 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

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