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October 24, 2016
  • ‘Pakistan is resetting plans for big terror attacks in J& K’
  • Aug 13 2012 12:13AM
  • by Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Afsir Karim, AVSM
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  • New Delhi: After a pause of many months, Pak-sponsored terrorist attacks have reappeared at regular intervals, even an army convoy was targeted recently, with this in view it is time to have a fresh look at the deployment of the security forces and the implications of the political initiatives like the three-member team of interlocutors appointed by the Government of India in October 2010 which is now available to the public domain except some portions withheld from public view.

    The report suggested several ways what it considers necessary to deal with the current uneasy situation but it does not focus on Pakistani role that feeds unrest and terrorism in Kashmir.

    In J&K there are many serious problems, one is of a political unrest due to our own political and administrative failures that have alienated the people, second is the gross interference of Pakistan in the state with the help of its local supporters and the third problem is the perpetual disruption of normal life caused by terrorism instigated and abetted by Pakistan.

    Effective handling of the internal problems by the security forces have  lead some of us to believe that the insurgents and their supporters have disappeared and that the Pakistan has given up its plan to subvert the government in Kashmir or they have been finally defeated.

    The reality is anti-Government and anti-India elements still continue to be active behind the scenes and there are few signs of reduction of alienation among large segments of the population.

    Bringing insurgency under control  in a given period has been easier than steps to bring about appropriate political and socio-economic changes to hit at the root cause of social unrest.

    The interlocutors report does  focus on some of these problems but fails to convince most segments of the population and political parties of the State that oppose integration with India and many of these are openly pro-Pakistan.

    Security aspects have been underplayed in this report perhaps to advocate drawdown of army units from the state, the report highlights various humanitarian problems created by
    the violations of the human rights by security forces, but does not mention human rights violations by the insurgents and terrorists.

    This recommendations of  thinning out of security forces and relaxation of ASPA provisions, replacing of central government officers by local civil cadres, release of political prisoners, according to many observers, play in the hands of separatists and Pakistani camp followers.

    It is an on the spot study of the situation by three non-political observers and some of their recommendations do point a way forward towards meeting the demands of the people but pay little attention to security compulsions and subversive Pakistani role in the state that will derail any process of normalisation through terrorism and subversion.

    Some non-controversial political recommendations could be implemented if all stakeholders of J&K agreed to such proposals but presently there is no convergence of views among various political factions of Jammu, Ladakh and the Valley, moreover, pro-Pak elements continue to increase trust deficit between the people of various

    Pakistan has been gradually losing influence in the Valley as a result they were unable to enlist many new recruits in Kashmir, despite their best efforts  they failed to enlist enough support to carry on violent agitations or other criminal activities in the state and this summer there was  comparative calm.

    The separatists were waiting for go ahead signals from Pakistan, but since the last year or so the signals from Pakistan and POK were not clear because of disturbed conditions in Pakistan. But there are clear indications now that Pakistan and their local agents are resetting their plans to carry out new disruptive moves and big terrorist attacks. 

    Sporadic terrorist attacks have restarted even in and around Srinagar, the overall situation along the Line of Control is tense, cease fire violations have restarted and the terrorist training camps in POK have increased the pace of recruitment under the protection of the Pakistani troops.

    There are reports that that this year Pak-sponsored terrorists are starting a new champagne in South Kashmir where army presence is thin presently. There have been several attacks on police posts in south Kashmir towns, one on an army convoy in Pampore; several members of elected Panchayats have been attacked with lethal weapons.

    There is spurt in anti-Indian propaganda and posters threatening police and government officials have appeared in several places. Best efforts of the Centre and the state government to bring peace to the troubled state have little chance of success as Pakistan seems to be preparing to mount big destructive attacks to disturb peace in the state.

    In these circumstances we have to depend mostly on our security forces to keep peace and can not agree to reduction in their number or withdrawal of ASPA from some areas.

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